The Oil Job Scam

Today I received a comment about the UAE Work Permit and asking if they are a scam.
Rather than reply “Yes, it is a Oil Job Scam.” I thought it would be more helpful to write a post showing how to research the particular websites.

The comment I received was this.

Dear Sirs,

How can I be sure following Addresses and Mails are Frauds or Real ?

1). Esnaad  Oil Gas Company  and
2). Adyard Abu Dhabi LL,

Are offering a job as marine Chief Engineer on some Tankers ?? And want  some 1.500 USD in advance for a UAE Work Permit they then Reimburs me back ??

Tank you for ALL your Help and Advices, ,



Firstly, an advance fee fraud in its simplest terms works like this.

I will give you $1000 if you give me $200 first.

Of course this is far too simplistic for people to fall for so the scammer creates an elaborate cover story.

In the case of this particular employment scam the victim is offered a very well paid job in a foreign country. The “company ” hiring will create websites to back up the scam. They will often create a secondary “Agency website” The idea of this is that the company (the fake company website) you will be working for is more than happy to offer you the job but you must first pay the agency (the agency website). Once you have paid the first fee, in this case the “UAE Work Permit”, you will be required to pay another fee and yet another.

Every good lie has an element of truth. To work in the UAE you do need a UAE Work Permit. You also need a Residency Permit. Once you have paid for the Work Permit, you would undoubtably be required to pay for the residency permit. Once that is paid for , the scammer would invent more permits you would have to pay for. All without the prospect of a job. I cannot imagine that a genuine company would need you to lend them the money for these permits so that they could relocate you to their country!

If you ask to many questions the scammer will threaten the loss of your job and finally stop contacting you. They will not waste their time dealing with someone that refuses to be scammed.

The details

So… I would like to strip down the details of an Oil Job Scam and the questions I have been asked

1). Esnaad  Oil Gas Company  and
2). Adyard Abu Dhabi LL,

Esnaad  Oil Gas Company IS a genuine company. Their website is* which , if you check the WHOIS was registered in 2001 and is valid until 2018. I have no doubt that they will continue to register it annually.

Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC possibly does exist. I cannot find a website for them by searching for “Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC” . I am going to leave that for a moment.

Next I am asked:

Are offering a job as marine Chief Engineer on some Tankers ?? And want  some 1.500 USD in advance for a UAE Work Permit they then Reimburs me back ??

No matter how you look at this, the writer is being asked to pay a fee in advance. No reputable company will ask you to pay for a job in advance however every Advance Fee scam does.
I have seen enough, it is a scam. No matter how much I want or need a job I am 99% sure this is a scam but lets look at the other details to be sure.


This is a gmail address. It can be registered for free with by anyone in the world. No reputable company would use a free email provider. They would of course use something like

Mmmmm. Ok this looks official. It is an actual, official, bonofide “company” email address. Lets look at the domain name and see if we can find some more information. if  look at the WHOIS WHOIS
Expires On: March 17, 2017
Registered On: March 17, 2016

This domain was registered 2 months ago. The registration is valid only for one year. This is NOT something a genuine company would do. You can compare this with the genuine company* which has been online since 2001 and is valid for another 2 years. A scammer would not expect his website to last this long so would register it for the minimum duration of one or two years.
Lets also look at the WHOIS registrants email address
The domain “” does not exist and if you were to search for “” (in quotations) the only links are to fraud protection  websites.

If I turn towards the actual website, I can search for random sentences on the about page which shows me that the text has been plagiarized from *.

I will report this website to get it shut down but in reality the scammers will pay $10 for a new domain to continue their scam. In fact they already have!

Even though looks official, it is very easy to see that the domain has been set up to scam people.


As per above, we have established that this domain is only created to give creedence to the scam

Esnaad  Oil Gas Company DOES exist. As I wrote above, their website is*.

The domain and all connected emails however have no connection to Esnaad  Oil Gas Company. If we look at the WHOIS for we see that: WHOIS
Expires On: April 25, 2017
Registered On :April 25, 2016

This is again a very recently registered and short life domain. If you were to search the registrant email “” . A reverse WHOIS shows us that also appears to have been used to register which has been reported as a scam website!

This is a typical case of company reputation hijacking. The scammers register a domain similar to a genuine company. In this case the scammer is impersonating the genuine company “Esnaad  Oil Gas Company”

This is a “real email address” from a “real website” which is impersonating a company. Any business dealings with these impostors will be a scam

This email I will ignore. is a free email provider.

I did not check the WHOIS on If I had I am sure that it would have been a recently registered, short term website. Instead I googled a random phrase on the “About Us” page which led me to the Total Oil companies list of partners. They list the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company as one of their partners and* as the website for the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company. The scammers attempted to copy the website* and used the content on to scam people.* have gone so far as to post up a warning on their main page warning about the Oil Job Scam.

Again I am going to ignore this email as it is registered with a free email provider (Microsoft)
9) is even more amateur. The domain is* which offers free hosting. is a free subdomain of No reputable company would host their business website on a free hosting service like this.


No two scams are the same and no scam stays static. Once people become suspicious the scammer will adapt the scam so as not to arouse suspicion.
The common factor in all scams is that you are required to pay money. This money is rarely to be paid to the employing “company” rather it is to be paid to a secondary “lawyer”, “barrister” or “recruitment service”.

It takes less than half an hour to find all this information for free using the following websites: or

To search for the registration details for a website.

To view other websites that have registered with the same email address

But most importantly is your friend!

To search for domains or key phrases. Searching for will give you a more precise result than searching for To search for phrases you should also place them in quotations.


Esnaad  Oil Gas Company and Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC are genuine companies and the websites and were registered by the respective companies. The names of Esnaad  Oil Gas Company and Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC have been hijacked by scammers so as to appear genuine. Esnaad  Oil Gas Company and Adyard Abu Dhabi LLC are in no way involved in these scams and go above and beyone their duty to warn people of the scam.

The above article describes a common scam (the Oil Job Scam) with particular company names, names, domains and email addresses.  Scammers use a multitude of details to scam people. If you believe that you are being scammed and the above techniques sound familiar you are advised to research using the above techniques. The author of this article is not capable of replying to other requests.