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Job scams

Be wary of various job scams advertised via the Internet. Bogus overseas companies have been targeting Internet users to act as ‘money transfer agents’ in the sale of goods and services via methods such as fake job advertisements, unsolicited emails and online chat rooms.

‘Employees’ are asked to use their own bank accounts to transfer money overseas made from ‘sales’. In fact, they will be transferring stolen money. In most cases, employees are instructed to send these funds to Eastern European or West African countries. Employees are promised a percentage of the transfer as their commission.

The fake job advertisement websites look very professional and convincing. Some job advertisements contain malicious software that allow the job advertiser to access the person’s computer and collect their personal details, including bank account details. Exercise extreme caution if you receive an email from any person or company asking for your personal and banking details.

Finally, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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