Who is Westkinasociates.com?

Westkin Associates UK

Scammers use Fake Law Firm websites in a varity of scams.
Primarly Westkinasociates.com is used to give an air of authenticity to the scam.
Which would you trust more? “BarristerSmith@Yahoo.com or BarristerSmith@Westkinasociates.com?
The Scammer can create a different name and email address for each scam they are running.
The scams that these criminals have been pulling off behind the fictitious legal fronts range from inheritance suits to accident compensation, and investments, but the list is not limited there. If your issue needs a lawyer to represent you, then you can almost guarantee that there is a phony law firm trying to swindle you out of money for that case.

In an Inheritance Scam the poor widow or orphan that initially contacts you will rarely demand money from you. They will however insist that you contact the “Family Lawyer” who works for a law firm like Westkinasociates.com).
Of course the Lawer will constantally demand that you pay for a multitude of paperwork before the inheritance can be sent to you. Using a website like Westkinasociates.com will make you more susceptible to believing that you are dealing with various people.
One who needs your help.
The other who is stealing from you.
The fact is, it will probably be the same scammer emailing you from different email addresses.


Westkinasociates.com Screenshot

This screenshot was taken on April 30, 2017

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Who registered Westkinasociates.com?

Westkinasociates.com was registered on April 3, 2017 with Ascio Technologies, Inc .

It was registered using the following details:

Address: FALSE

These details are correct as of today (30/04/2017) but the name and address could possibly belonging to an innocent third party if the domain was registered using a stolen credit card.
Westkinasociates.com was registered using the email address Registrant Contact Email Address.
As a rule, scammers will use a free untracable emailaddress or else use Privacy Protection to avoid being traced.

Finally, Westkinasociates.com was registered and 27 days ago on April 3, 2017 and expires April 3, 2018.

To look at it another way, this “Law Firm” only started April 3, 2017 and does not plan to be using the website after April 3, 2018 as it has only a 1 year registration.

Would you trust a law firm like this?

How can I shut down Westkinasociates.com?

Westkinasociates.com was registered with the domain registrar Ascio Technologies, Inc.
Ascio Technologies, Inc have an email especially for domains that break their terms and conditions.
Setting up a website with the sole intention of stealing money is definitely against Ascio Technologies, Incs Terms and Conditions!

To send an abuse report to Ascio Technologies, Inc please click the green button below and help shut down Westkinasociates.com!

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