Kind Attention

we hereby enlighten you on this matter as we find it difficult to conclude transfer which has lasted for a while. The office for Human Developments and the Directorate for International Relationship of the British Ministry of Finance (BMF) has authorize Bank of England to call back your awarded fund amounting to £ 1,000,000.00 GBP from  your Country Central Bank  to London. We observed this is because you are receiving this fund into a local bank account; therefore we have set up a committee to arrange your fund to be credited on an ATM MasterCard which will make it safer and easier to be delivered to your home without any further hindrance. The BMF has mandated the Royal Bank of Scotland to credit £ 1,000,000.00 on a Global ATM MasterCard and send it to you along with some other relevant documents to your door step

NOTE: Beneficiaries’ responsibility: Be informed that by the virtue law you are required to arrange the sum of £120 GBP for the World Bank authorization stamping code for your ATM card. This is your sole responsibility as we have ran off all the domestic bills from different ministries and offices to secure your outgoing order for your ATM and its documents. Kindly inquire with Royal Bank of Scotland on how you will make this payment. As you are filling the forms do not overlook this as it is your right to secure your fund gives this instruction a consideration.

Director Foreign Remittance Dept
Royal Bank Of Scotland
Tel: +448719744075

Contact Him With, Full Name, Full Home Address, Zip/Postal Code, Direct Mobile Phone, Occupation, Sex, Scan copy Id card or driving License.

The above information will be used by the courier company in the delivery of your ATM. Upon contacting DR. STEVE do inform him that you were directed by the British Ministry of Finance. We look forward on when you will receive your ATM MasterCard.

Accept Our Warm Regards Signed,

Mr. George New Man
The British Ministry Of Finance
Permanent Secretary To The Ministry
King Charles Street, London, Sw1a