From: MR. James Mark Chief,
Justice of the Supreme Court of BENIN REPUBLIC
Attention: Please,
I am MR. James Mark , Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of BENIN REPUBLIC. I wish to  inform you that we have received your email regarding the required Diplomatic Immunity Seal of transfer Certificate which you have been directed by the FBI to contact this office for instructions on how to obtain the said certificate.

We have concluded every necessary arrangement regards to obtaining of the said certificate on your behalf, right now the only thing delaying the needed document by the FBI is the required issuing fee of $100 which you are to send to us immediately to enable us obtain the required document on your behalf as soon as possible.

However, I want to guarantee you 100% that the document will be obtained on your behalf immediately the fee of $100 is received from you before the end of the day.

Meanwhile, we have also received instruction from the FBI to release the certificate to you once the needed fee is received, and we understand that you have less than 100 hours to obtain the needed certificate, therefore you have been advised to urgently send the needed fee to us, to enable us obtain the certificate on your behalf without any further delay.

Due to the urgency of this matter, you are advised to send the fee to my receiving agent with the below stated information’s via western union money transfer or money gram Money Transfer only.

Receivers name: James EZE

Receivers address: BENIN REPUBLIC.
Text question: How Long?
Text answer: Today
AMOUNT: $100

Furnish this office with the payment details involving your full information, once the payment is made, in order for us to obtain the document on your behalf immediately. Please call me at my direct cell phone number as soon as you send the fee today+22998315977,or you can email me your direct cell phone number so that i can call you as soon as the document is obtained on your behalf here in my office.

Yours Faithfully,

MR. James Mark

Tel: +22998315977,